Episode #5 | Command Line Interface Part 1

Sunday, 30 Sep 2018 Kudzai Nyandoro 14:00 Minutes


Most computer users navigate around the computer using a graphical user interface(GUI). GUIs let users interact with handheld and desktop devices by letting us watch videos, write an email, write journals, make phone calls and so forth.


Fire up your terminal

To print text to STDOUT (Standard Out is the screen where characters get printed out. It does not refer to the printer)

$ echo 
echo "The command line is a very powerful tool," > example1.txt

To exit

$ exit 

Display documentation about a command

$ man 

To clear your the terminal

$ clear

To view all your files and folders

$ ls 

To print the working directory

$ pwd 

To create a file

$ touch 

To create a directory

$ mkdir

Remove a file or directory

$ rm 

To move or rename a file or directory

$ mv 

To display the contents of a file

$ cat 

To remove a file

$ rm 

To remove a directory

$ rm -rf 

Display file contents and let the user scroll

$ more 

Display file contents in a more interactive way

$ less 

Display the first part of a file

$ head 

Display the last part of a file

$ tails 

Taking ownership of your directory in /data/db (Step 1)

$ whoami

Taking ownership of your directory in /data/db (Step 2)

$ sudo chown -Rv kudzai /data/db